Custom Software

Custom Software

  • Develop system if your business is different, special etc.
  • Immediate results
  • Customized application
  • Management Reports
  • Quick implementation
  • Better results
  • Download Reports
Custom Software

Why Custom Software?

Custom software serves the unique processes of your business, solves your specific problems, satisfies your exclusive needs and makes your workflows easier, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, you get:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Minimized information security risks
  • Tailored support & maintenance

Premium Benefits

Easy To Implement

Access Offline

Use In Mobile

Simple & Powerful


System Development

User Interface

Social Network

Work With Clicks

Tailormade App


Secured Access

1. Proper strategy

Understanding and communication skills between you and the developer are key to success. If you are outsourcing without clearly defining the company’s business objectives, there are bound to be problems in execution. Define the existing databases or code that need to be observed; explain the processes that the organization integrates; introduce those who are closely involved in the software development process. Once all essentials are outlined clearly, it is easier to proceed with the plan.

2. Give Time for Implementation

It takes time to ensure best results. Expert custom software developers take significant time to understand your vision, your company’s needs, growth plan and the company’s challenges so that they are equipped to meet the demands with well thought out solutions over a realistic timeframe. Rushing or unreasonable deadlines for submission can affect the development process and the ultimate outflow. The timeline must include research and exploration as well as revisions for further development.

3. Communication Ease

Ideas grow and develop better when the environment encourages communication, interaction, questions, challenges to be discussed and new thoughts to be integrated. Many custom software development firms rush to develop and launch without proper discussions or adherence to discussed plans. It is important to ask the client questions, clear away concerns and outline how the software can help end users. Only after thorough discussions can a strategy be devised. Integration of ideas is imperative for success. Key members of your team will require frequent contact with your custom software development partner to give and receive feedback at regular intervals. If discussions are delayed, delivery will be pushed back too.

4. Inaccurate Estimates:

It is hard to give exact estimates but it is unfair to issue optimistic deadlines and not meet them. Managing client expectations is important for development partners. Inexperienced teams may not always manage to meet the demands on time and produce results that meet the company’s targets. It is important to resolve conflicting priorities and prioritize needs during the agile development process. Only a trusted software development partner can address these concerns, deliver on time, communicate clearly and create tailored solutions.

5. Mitigate Risks Effectively

Identifying potential risks with a backup plan in place should be part of the planning strategy so that the organization is not caught unawares later. There are often unforeseen risks that need to be handled with expertise such as bugs and technical glitches. At such times, it is important to come together to outline a risk management plan to reduce damage before things get out of hand. The software developer should be ready with risk mitigation strategies right at the outset and review them from time to time.

6. Choose Value Over Low Costs

Make sure the development partners are outsourced are hired on a firm value proposition, and not the lowest hourly rate, to ensure high-quality results. If the team is not experienced enough to handle complex systems or handle risks effectively, the project is adversely affected.

'Bring Your Business Vision to Life with Converge'


  • Delivery will be made after 10 to 20 working days from the date of Purchase Order (PO) and all requirements freezed!
  • Website Links
  • All Accounts with username and password
  • Premium Social Network accounts
  • Excel File with link updates details

Action Plan

  1. Easy To ImplementGet all info from Team.
  2. Decide Domain. Eg: Team will confirm with availability.
  3. Decide Options & Final quotation on paper by Team.
  4. Discuss with Technical Team for any query. Freeze your requirements.
  5. Confirm with 50% payment by AC pay cheque to “Clicksin Infotech”.
  6. Final delivery as per specification. Pay balance 50%.
  7. Team will be in touch with you forever for any support or assistance.
  • Customized application
  • Increase efficiency
  • Develop as per need
  • Easy to use & implement
  • MIS Management reports + downloads
  • Online or offline
  • Use latest technology
  • Decide requirements!

1. Improve Security

Security is a massive concern for companies of all sizes, but data breaches have a detrimental effect on small businesses. Forty-three percent of cyber attackers target small companies, and 60 percent of small brands go out of businesses within six months of an attack.

2. Use the Cloud

Keeping data in the cloud lets you access information from anywhere in the world. You can collaborate on projects with team members on other continents and view documents and files when you are away from the office. All you need is an Internet connection.

3. Create Unique Business Insights

With customization, developers write code that influences software capabilities. You can program an application to provide you with accurate insights into your business, for example. Collect and analyze data that tells you how well your company performs in comparison to your rivals.

1.What benefits can you guarantee?

All projects we take up carry the following guarantees:

Confidentiality guarantee: All client details will be kept confidential

Price guarantee: Minimum 60% cost-saving over on-site development

Results guarantee: Progress-linked payments weighted toward the end

2.What are your rates?

Rates vary, depending on skills, timelines, project nature etc.

Typically, a Senior Developer would work at the rate of $3000/month (isn't it too low?).

3.What are your payment models?

We work only with long-term committed clients who want Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) services, and offer a monthly rate.

4.What are your payment terms?

We invoice on monthly basis and payment is due on invoicing.

" When I’m working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong."

" The Scrum idea of a separated Scrum Master is good for Scrum, but not appropriate for most projects. Good development requires not just talkers but doers."

" Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."

" I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone."

" If McDonalds were run like a software company, one out of every hundred Big Macs would give you food poisoning, and the response would be, ‘We’re sorry, here’s a coupon for two more."