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  • Digital presence of Corporator.
  • Official App of Corporator.
  • It brings to you latest information,
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  • It provides a unique opportunity to receive messages directly from the Corporator.
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Highlights of the Corporator app:

  • Profile & latest information about Corporator.
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  • Know about party History, leaders.
  • Know Corporator office Location by using map.
  • Get easily Emergency Contacts link Fire Brigade, Police, Blood banks, Hospitals, Medical Store, etc of our City.
  • Visit Official Government link of IMP Form, News, Educational, Bill pay, Election and Jobs.
  • User can use app in Marathi and English language.


(1) Online Android App

(2) Unlimited clients, enquiries etc (3) Modules as per scope of supply with reference to the quotation.

(4) Module-wise training to admin, managers and users of client. 2 days x 4 hours/day = 8 hours

(5) Unlimited future updates FREE forever - Auto updates...

(6) Unlimited Bandwidth, Space

(7) User Manual with detailed steps, screenshots etc

📅 Delivery period = 5 to 10 working days


One time 💰 Investment = Only Rs. 9,000.