Quick & easy system for great management ... Work Smarter

  • Online Shopping
  • Sell your products online with all info
  • Online Payment option
  • Whole world is yours
  • Reduce marketing cost
  • Increase profit
  • Direct sales & Clients
E - Commerce website software System & Quotation

Premium Benefits:

Sell Online

Product Details

Offers Online

New Customers


Online Payments

Group Products

Social Network

Save Time & Energy

Access Anytime

Users Login

Admin Control Panel

Benefits to Management:

  • Establish an admin system to manage -
  • Enquiries, clients details, Accounts, Payments, Expenses
  • Establish an effective communication channel between -
  • Clients, suppliers, office staff (team), admin & Management
  • Quickly Communicate - Birthday, Payment reminders, Notices, Messages through SMS & Email.
  • All users will be having unique Username & password.
  • Data is secured & reliable.
  • Intranet, e-Learning resources
  • Online information - Access anytime, anywhere
  • Quick Excel reports for MIS (management information system).
  • Info like Payment, expenses will be available to Management - Daily, weekly, monthly.

Benefits to Organization:

  • Brand building of company or industry.
  • Help to get all clients data for future policies.
  • System development - Creating a most organized institution.
  • Satisfaction of clients, suppliers & management.
  • Automatic Info - Birthday, Reports, Reminders via SMS or email.
  • Immediate customised reports like quotation, payment, reports etc.
  • Work from any office, location or home for top management.


(1) Consultancy for better decision

(2) Unlimited product listing

(3) Unlimited groups / categories

(4) Payment gateway integration

(5) Hosting all files on server

(6) Emails = 10 (4 free email configuration to Gmail)

(7) Unlimited bandwidth

(8)User Manual for email configuration

(9) Admin manual with all steps, system, procedure, screenshots etc. (10)Hand Holding for first year for better implementation

📅 Delivery period = 1-2 day


One time 💰 Investment = 40,000 Rs only

Renewal = 19,000 Rs/year from next year (first year free service!)

Changes in website:

  • Text = 300 Rs/page, Images = 500 Rs/page
  • If page contains any coding then charges will be quoted as per requirements.

  • Personal Training or consultation = 250 Rs/hr (min 4 hrs)
  • Additional Hosting space = 1 Rs/MB

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

If you've been through the features list and still have one or two specific questions you think we missed, take a look at our FAQs below to see if we've covered it.

Does e-Commerce support unlimited products?

e-Commerce can scale with you as you grow your business. From selling one product to thousands and your first order to your millionth, e-Commerce will be able to scale and ride the wave with you.

What about storage?

We host or store any of your files or information on server. There are 2 options. 1) Shared hosting 2) Private Hosting. Private hosting is secured & safe.

Do you offer 24/7 Phone, Email & Chat support?

No, but we do offer support via your My Account / Dashboard.

Is e-Commerce SEO Optimized?

e-Commerce runs on WordPress, recognised in the industry as one of the best platforms for SEO practices.

Does it come with a built-in blog?

Again, e-Commerce runs on WordPress, recognised in the industry as one of the best blog platforms.

Does e-Commerce support ratings & reviews?

This can be enabled/disabled in the core e-Commerce settings.

Are there bandwidth limits with images & videos?

As e-Commerce is self-hosted, your bandwidth is limited to your hosting plan.

Does e-Commerce support API calls?

A REST API is built into e-Commerce and can easily be enabled within the e-Commerce settings in your WordPress dashboard, working on a key system to control access linked to WordPress users on your website.

Do you offer a One-on-One Expert Setup?

Yes, but we do have support system also with dedicated Team.

Can I migrate my existing data to e-Commerce?

Yes. We have set up a number of options should a client wish to migrate from an existing eCommerce platform.

Does e-Commerce accept any credit cards?

By default e-Commerce comes with five pre-installed gateways including: Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit card payments with PayPal or Credit card payment with Simplify Commerce (available for US only). You can add numerous additional gateways through paid extensions.

Does e-Commerce have an Abandoned Cart Saver?

No, this is not currently a core feature.

Does e-Commerce automatically recover lost passwords?

No, this is not currently a core feature.

Does e-Commerce support Datafeed Automation?

Take a look at our Zapier extension for e-Commerce.

Does e-Commerce support selling on Facebook?

Take a look at our Facebook tab extension for e-Commerce.

Can I offer coupons, discounts & gift certificates?

e-Commerce core allows you to enable or disable the ability to use coupons within your store.

Is there a real-time shipping calculator?


Can I offer loyalty marketing for my store?

There are extensions available to enable that.

Does e-Commerce allow me to sell everywhere?

Yes. Beautifully!

Does e-Commerce support international transactions?


Does e-Commerce have apps for everything?

Yes, we have over 300 extensions available for e-Commerce.

Does e-Commerce offer bank vault-like security?

e-Commerce code is audited and secure. Your store is reliant on your hosting solution to be 'bank vault' secure.

Does e-Commerce have reporting options?

Sales reports can show both net and gross amounts, we've added a print stylesheet, and added extra data on refunds to reports.

Can I customize my products?


Is e-Commerce mobile optimized?

e-Commerce core code is mobile friendly. Your stores mobile- friendlness will be dependent on your choice of theme - we recommend taking a look at our Storefront theme.

We don't take a cut of any of your sales - you keep all the money you make selling your products online with e-Commerce. But Payment Gateway service provider charges as per your requirements.

Will I have my own domain name?

Choose your own domain name, with your own host. As a self hosted solution we don't place any restrictions on your bandwidth or uptime - we rather give you complete control over your online presence.