Bulk Email App

Easy & result oriented way to manage Voters for Elections ...

  • Company will design & develop App
  • Weekly update by Company as per data provided by Client via WhatsApp or email.
  • Update includes News, Work done, Gallery images, videos, Notifications only.
  • Static or fixed contents will be updated yearly
  • Drag & Drop facility
Bulk Email >> M: 8087742000 www.clicksin.com E: a@clicksin.com

Premium Benefits:

  • Digital presence of Corporator.
  • Official App of Corporator.
  • It brings to you latest information,
  • instant updates & helps you contribute towards various tasks.
  • It provides a unique opportunity to receive messages directly from the Corporator.
  • People can download the app and get the latest updates anywhere, anytime!

Highlights of the Corporator app:

  • Profile & latest information about Corporator.
  • Receive the latest news, various programs, events and updates.
  • Illustrate the work done, Images and Videos of the Corporator.
  • Interact with Corporator using Facebook, Whats APP and share your feedback's, suggestions & requests.
  • Know about party History, leaders.
  • Know Corporator office Location by using map.
  • Get easily Emergency Contacts link Fire Brigade, Police, Blood banks, Hospitals, Medical Store, etc of our City.
  • Visit Official Government link of IMP Form, News, Educational, Bill pay, Election and Jobs.
  • User can use app in Marathi and English language.


(1) Online Cloud server to send email

(2) Cloud storage space = 30 GB

(3) Unlimited cloud documents

(4) Upto 20 email masking

(5) 📚 User Manual with steps, screenshots (6) 4 hrs live Training @ how to use effectively

Delivery period = 1 to 2 working days


3,000 ₹ initial 💰 Investment

Others at actual cost

Action Plan