Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website

  • Dynamic contents
  • Easy to manage & operate
  • Lowest investment
  • Fastest development
  • Show all info online
  • Social Network, map
  • Get online enquiries
  • Clients, Feedback, FAQ
WS2 Smart Dynamic Website - Premium > Design and development >> M: 8087232000 www.clicksin.com E: admin@clicksin.com

Premium Benefits:


Services Details

30 Pages

Simple Powerful


Unlimited Bandwidth

Group Services

Social Network

Multiple Languages

Cost Effective


Access Anytime

Benefits to Management:

  • Establish an admin system to manage -
  • Enquiries, clients details, Accounts, Payments, Expenses
  • Establish an effective communication channel between -
  • Clients, suppliers, office staff (team), admin & Management
  • Quickly Communicate - Birthday, Payment reminders, Notices, Messages through SMS & Email.
  • All users will be having unique Username & password.
  • Data is secured & reliable.
  • Intranet, e-Learning resources
  • Online information - Access anytime, anywhere
  • Quick Excel reports for MIS (management information system).
  • Info like Payment, expenses will be available to Management - Daily, weekly, monthly.

Benefits to Organization:

  • Brand building of company or industry.
  • Help to get all clients data for future policies.
  • System development - Creating a most organized institution.
  • Satisfaction of clients, suppliers & management.
  • Automatic Info - Birthday, Reports, Reminders via SMS or email.
  • Immediate customised reports like quotation, payment, reports etc.
  • Work from any office, location or home for top management.


(1) Consultancy for better decision

(2) Complete customized🌐 Website as per your exact requirements

(3) Hosting all files on server

(4) Emails = Unlimited (4 free email configuration to Gmail)

(5) Unlimited bandwidth

(6) User Manual for email configuration

Delivery period = 20-25 working days.


One time 💰 Investment = 40,000 Rs only

⭕ AMC = 9,500 Rs/year