Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

  • Communicate instantly
  • Promotional & Transactional SMS
  • Your Sender ID
  • All language support
  • Instant delivery
  • More business
  • Reach max people in min time
Bulk SMS + Transactional >> M: 8087742000 www.clicksin.com E: a@clicksin.com

SMS Character Count:

  • English --> 160 (1), 306 (2), 459 (3), 612 (4), 765 (5)
  • Unicode (Hindi, Marathi etc) >> 70 (1), 134 (2), 201 (3), 268 (4), 335 (5)

You can check in your Mobile SMS App.


We are a leading bulk SMS solution provider. We have made SMS marketing very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform.

  • Fast Delivery: Lightning fast delivery. send 2 Million+ SMS in single minute.
  • Quick Reports: Check all your real time statistics and track campaign online.
  • Easy To Manage: Easy to send Text SMS. No technical knowledge require.
  • Excel Report: Download complete report of all campaign in excel format.
  • Brand Presence: Increase your brand & services with our premium SMS solution.
  • 24*7 Support: We provide 24*7 *365 days professional support.

Increase Bottom Line Of Your Business


Our Application covers all the variants of the market demands. Our application supports differents types of API routes including HTTP, SMPP, High Speed. A powerful overselling system has been developed in our SMS application.

SMS Application with Own Gateway

Use our full feature application with own SMS Gateway, We only charge for SMS processing there No Minimum Commitment, Enjoy few advanced features like Queue Management, Multiple Gateway, Load balancing, Complete Hosted Solution, Overselling.

Featured SMS Application

Clicksin V1.0 is full featured application that committed to deliver your messages in fraction of second and provide reports. It's support multiple languages, scheduled message, queue management, route management etc.

Clicksin is a leading bulk SMS solution provider. We have made SMS marketing very easy with our user friendly & powerful platform

Leading Bulk SMS means it can deliver text SMS in one click to all over the world. SMS service is one of the best communication and marketing method. We provide multiple SMS gateway which ensures the delivery of SMS from different operators across the world.

Build Customers

SMS solution is a great way to engage & build customers. It offers Direct & instant communication with your clients. It take few seconds to send & deliver messages.

High Open Rate

SMS service has a high open rate as compared to email. Approximately every SMS sent is opened & read. Higher open rate will bring the great chances of success.

Brand Presence

With Bulk SMS service people will know about you and about your Brand. This is the perfect platform to increase your brand presence & reputation in industry.

Lead Generation

SMS service is very efficient to reach wide market. So this service can generate more leads, convert these leads into potential customers. Generate profit for your business.

Cost Effective

SMS solution is very cost effective marketing method of communication in comparison to other traditional marketing channels. It will improve your business ROI.

Flexible Platform

Send thousand of messages to a targeted group or your entire list. It is easy to customize & send your SMS campaign. Create and send updates to your subscribers.

High Conversion Rate

SMS solutions offer you high conversion rate as compared to any other marketing tools. When you send SMS, there is a high possibility of your subscriber’s actions.

Clear & Concise

You can only allow to send text SMS With only 160 character length. So make sure that your message is clear and concise. Send straight & relevant messages.

Fast & Effective

Bulk SMS service allows you to reach a large number of users at the same time. It is an instant & effective marketing tool to send messages to right audiences.

Know Your Customers

SMS service allows you to learn more about your customers & subscribers. It is a great channel to get feedback & suggestions from your customers via surveys.

Improve Communication

SMS marketing can increase & improve engagement or communication with your customers. It is an effective, fast and reliable way to connect with your customers.

Time Management

Sending SMS campaign is a simple & easy process. Bulk SMS service will save your time & allows you to manage your time to concentrate on your business.


What is a difference between Promotional and Transactional SMS?

Promotional SMS: SMS which have objective to promote your product or services. Transactional SMS: SMS which are sent for your registered customer to pass any information.

What is sender id?

Sender id is a SIX digit identity which can represent your company or product etc. It is compulsory to use in Transactional SMS.

How much SMS I can send in a single time?

You can use unlimited contacts in a file to send SMS.

How much letter I can use in single SMS?

You can use upto 160 letters for a single SMS.

How much contacts I can upload in a file?

Unlimited Contacts in a single file using file upload.

Which format does your system support for file upload?

.CSV or .TXT format.

Will you be providing SMS database for SMS sending?

We schedule SMS on our database

Can I send SMS on DND numbers?

Using Transactional Route you can send SMS on DND numbers. Promotional Route does not allow SMS on DND numbers.

Do you provide Database security?

Yes, Whole database of client is secure in panel.

What is Transactional Template?

A fix Editable template which you can use for Transactional SMS.

How much Transactional Templates I can add?

Unlimited templates you can add, its charge free.

How much time it will take to approve sender id?

It can take 2 Hours maximum.

How much Sender id I can add?

Unlimited Sender Id you can add, its charge free.

How much caller id I can add?

Unlimited Caller you can add, its charge free.

How much time it will take to approve a Caller Id?

It can take 2 Hours maximum.

How many language I can use in Text SMS content?

Our panel has UNICODE feature you can send SMS in any language.

Can I delete an Existing contact List?

you can easily delete contact list using Add and View contact List option.

Can I schedule my SMS campaign for later?

Yes, Use Send later option to schedule SMS for later.