Donor Management System

Donor Management

  • Manage donors, enquiries
  • Regular followup with Donors with all details
  • Maintain all info @ 1 place
  • Provide Donation receipt
  • Custom reports, downloads
  • Any team can refer details securely

Donor management” is simply the process of tracking the details of your donorsand your interactions with them, and then using that information appropriately. ... Appropriate donor management can improve your fundraising.

A Donor Management System means of organizing, analyzing, and strategically implementing communication strategies with nonprofit supporters to maintain and grow those relationships.

Donor Management Software System


  1. SMS Auto System integration & working
  2. Donation details > New team > View options
  3. Quick pay > All types > From - To Option
  4. Update in Donor validity option
  5. Graph summary > Through collection list
  6. Show Reference-wise column (with changed text)
  7. Advanced search
  8. Search by different check-box fields
  9. Reference, Collection-from drop-down or text search
  10. Report > Areawise or collection list
  11. Collection person > New field
  12. According to Donor & similar to reference
  13. Custom Report > Export > Check Marathi text
  14. Reports > Donor info form details > Column > Donor remarks
  15. Control sheet > Table-wise summary > Show @ last only
  16. Refer attachments, rename > “Manager / CEO”
  17. Label settings > Excel or Access system
  18. All list > All donor info > Similar to advanced version of ‘Donor info form details’
  19. Daily register report > Sort by date & donor
  20. Show ‘PAN’ field
  21. Report > Palyabhet > Show ‘PAN’
  22. Receipt > Category = Corpus > View > single only
  23. Branch > Sometimes only code (Show label)
  24. Donor Counts with different selections like Donor, Sponsorship, FCRA, Sponsorship Corpus.
  25. Donor Dates according to different types.
  26. Summary of all reports.
  27. Donor Form redesign.
  28. Add education list, modify many donor fields.
  29. Donor Data - Excel download.
  30. Option to import → Maintain ID & all other data.
  31. Donation details
  32. [Send Email] → On click Send email with all Donation details. Option to change contents & send as Email.
  33. Also save in Email as reference.
  34. Control Sheet - Daily
  35. Select date & get all donation details according to all types.
  36. Control Sheet Summary
  37. Select from & to date. Get all summary according to all types.
  38. New Donor data → Option to enter new donor data through link.


1. Communicate effectively.

In other words, if a major donor specifically requests that you send her all communications by mail — and never call or send e-mails — make sure you do just that.

2. Send a survey.

I know, I know — you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another survey!” But they work. And they give you the information you need to understand each major donor’s individual needs and desires. Not to mention what surveys do to engage your donor with the organization. Remember: Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves.

3. Invite them to events.

Not just those old-school galas and house parties. Also ask them to attend VIP phone briefings, site visits and/or virtual (online) gatherings. Those who attend will feel bonded with the organization, and those who don’t will feel like they’re part of the in-crowd for being asked.

4. Provide individualized programmatic updates.

One of the questions you’ll ask on the survey is, “Which of our programs is of most interest to you?” When you send a press release, program report or other update to a donor, make sure to highlight the program that means the most to that specific person.

5. Say thank you over and over again.

There is still nothing more effective than a warm, personal and handwritten thank-you note. But keep in mind that some of today’s tech-savvy donors prefer e-mail acknowledgements and accommodate them accordingly.

6. Give appropriate recognition.

When your donors receive their personal copy of your annual report, what do you think they read first? Believe it or not, they turn to the donor recognition page(s) and look for their name. So it better be there — and spelled correctly. And depending on their gift level, each donor also should be recognized with certificates, plaques, room/building naming opportunities, etc.

7. Listen, listen, listen.

When you effectively communicate, read each survey response carefully, promote engaging events, provide targeted programmatic updates, say thank you sincerely, and bestow appropriate recognition, what you are really doing is listening — and responding in a meaningful way — to what your donor is saying. When it comes to raising essential funds to fulfill your critical mission, what’s more important than that?


1.What is Donor Management ?

Donation is a fundraising platform for nonprofits. It significantly enhances the fundraising capabilities of the nonprofits by providing them the tools that are intuitive yet very effective.

2.What can we do with the Clicksin?

With Clicksin, you can collect donations, organize events, sell tickets, run peer to peer fundraising campaigns, manage memberships, manage and communicate with donors and a lot more.

3.Does Clicksin use social media for promoting campaigns?

Clicksin is fully integrated with social media that include Facebook and Twitter in multiple levels including campaign promotion, peer to peer fundraising and donation response pages.

4.How does Clicksin work with our website?

It is very simple. We will provide you custom donation and/or event page and all you have to do is link that page to the appropriate button on your website.

Quotes :

  1. “ There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation.”
  2. " If you need to raise funds from donors, you need to study them, respect them, and build everything you do around them."
  3. “ Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
  4. “ Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”

5.“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

6.“ Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”