Real-Estate Management

Quick & easy system for great management ... Work Smarter

  • Enquirers + Details
  • Clients, Followup
  • Manage Team
  • Projects & Tasks
  • Effective Followup
  • Quick Search With Details
  • List all properties with all details, photos, facilities etc
  • Search with different conditions
  • Locate on Map virtually
  • Nearby properties
  • Unlimited features
  • Search agent-wise, area-wise
  • Templates, easy update
Real Estate Software

Premium Benefits:

Online Registration

Student Records

Eligibility Criteria

Online Payment

Generate Receipts

Time Scheduling

Report Generation

Online Admissions

Central Data



Auto Reports

Benefits to Management:

  • Establish an admin system to manage -
  • Enquiries, clients details, Accounts, Payments, Expenses
  • Establish an effective communication channel between -
  • Clients, suppliers, office staff (team), admin & Management
  • Quickly Communicate - Birthday, Payment reminders, Notices, Messages through SMS & Email.
  • All users will be having unique Username & password.
  • Data is secured & reliable.
  • Intranet, e-Learning resources
  • Online information - Access anytime, anywhere
  • Quick Excel reports for MIS (management information system).
  • Info like Payment, expenses will be available to Management - Daily, weekly, monthly.

Benefits to Organization:

  • Brand building of company or industry.
  • Help to get all clients data for future policies.
  • System development - Creating a most organized institution.
  • Satisfaction of clients, suppliers & management.
  • Automatic Info - Birthday, Reports, Reminders via SMS or email.
  • Immediate customised reports like quotation, payment, reports etc.
  • Work from any office, location or home for top management.

SMART SYSTEM Presentation

App Smart System User Presentation

APP Presentation


(1) Admin Manual with all rules, system, database

(2) User Manual with steps, screenshots

(3) Consultancy for better project execution (4) Meeting 1 = Project discussion

(5) Meeting 2 = Project confirmation with admin manual

(6) Meeting 3: Live demo. Get feedback, changes if any

(7) Meeting 4: Final implementation

(8) Module-wise training to admin, managers & users 4 days x 4 hours/day = 16 hours


First time for System, design & Development = Only Rs. 50,000.

⭕ AMC = 20,000 Rs/year for hosting, online support, training.

Action Plan

  1. Get all info from Team.
  2. Decide Domain. Eg: Team will confirm with availability.
  3. Decide Options & Final quotation on paper by Team.
  4. Discuss with Technical Team for any query. Freeze your requirements.
  5. Confirm with 50% payment by AC pay cheque to “Clicksin Infotech”.
  6. Final delivery as per specification. Pay balance 50%.
  7. Team will be in touch with you forever for any support or assistance.